Lunastone Maintenance


All our worktops require very little maintenance. For every day cleaning simply wipe down work surface with soap and warm water. Also you can clean and wipe down with any general purpose household cleaner.


If you find there is a stain which you can’t seem to remove using standard cleaners you can use a product called acetone (available from any chemist). This is to be applied by just rubbing in with a dry cloth, then rinse work surface with water.


To avoid unnecessary damage please avoid the following:

  • Spilling oven/ grill cleaner on the worktop as this has very high acid base.
  • High bleach based products.
  • Products containing acid.
  • Heavy UV exposure.
  • Extreme heat i.e burning hot oven dish.
  • Dragging sharp objects access work surface.


  • Protect surface by placing hot products on a hot pad, trivet or pan stand – never place directly on the work surface.
  • Never cut using sharp objects directly on the work surface – always use a chopping board.
  • Do not leave liquid spills time to soak and dry – simply wipe up and clean after they occur